Due to the Corona Virus this show has been postponed - ISE Utah show March 19th - 22

Our Hunts

Check out the calling strategy for the Colorado Archery HuntNDiva Elk Hunt!

Lisa's Muzzeloader Hunt

We stayed inside the herd an hour and half mixing up the calls wth estrus, cow, calf and bugle calls. Lisa harvested a great 6x6 bull elk.

Mary's Beautiful 6x6 Bull

We helped Mary apply for the draw, develop a strategy and harvest this great Colorado bull in 2017.

Angela's 1st BigGame Harvest

We called in this herd using Native By Carlton's green weenie clk call and decoy (Butthead).

Zach's Colorado Over the Counter Bull

A last day hunt, HuntNDivas called in this great bull!  Check out how the cow elk stays around long after the bull has been shot.